A female professor is found strangled on a stairway of the university with a student’s cloak covering her naked body. The brutality of the crime alerts the police and grabs the media’s attention, leaving the university in a state of shock. A crime of passion? Retaliation? Revenge? Envy? What is the motive? And what is the meaning of the symbols that the only witness, an autistic child, obsessively draws?

An enigma that will become more puzzling with each new victim; love triangles harboring suspicions and betrayals; and the key of the mystery is hidden in the drawings of an autistic child whose mind is impossible to decipher. Will Helena, the specialist, be able to unravel the secret? Or can Raúl, the detective, find the meaning of those symbols, since he has an autistic child of his own? In this mystery where emotions abound, everyone is a suspect and nobody’s safe... 

Running time
6 x 50'
Crime, Thriller

Production Data

Director: Jorge Cardoso
Actors: Sofia Alves, Pedro Granger, Pedro Reis