A journey to places where every day is a challenge to survive among people who spend their own life working for the others. Stories of self-denial and altruism, of suffering and faith, that will make you cry, smile, hope and think...
"Building Love" is a documentary series focused on the testimonies of humanitarian missions around the world, which were born with the desire to create something for the sake of others, in other words, to “build Love". From the hard work of psychologists and educators in Remand homes of Uruguay to the extraordinary experience of Madre Ines, an eighty years-old nun who assists every day 400 children affected by physical and mental handicaps, in Mexico. From the construction of hospitals and health centers for the poorest in Ethiopia to missions against the criminal corruption ("mafia") in Italy and for the ecosystem protection in Ecuador. These are some of the real stories that we will tell you in this series, through the touching account of their protagonists. Ecuador, Romania, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala and Ethiopia are the countries involved in this journey.

Running time
14 x 30'
Current Affairs

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