Cacao is a young girl from a Portuguese family who makes chocolates on a cocoa farm in Itacaré, Brazil. Her dream is to go abroad and study a pastry chef diploma but it is too expensive for her… Everything changes when her “father” decides to break a long-time pact with his wife and reveal that Cacao´s real father is actually Justino, the farm’s wealthy owner, who is shocked when he discovers that he had a daughter with his ex-lover, who disappeared years ago. This revelation triggers a series of intrigues and conflicts which jeopardize the heritage of the owner´s family as Cacao represents a threat to the other heirs. Cacao's life is in danger but Tiago, an attractive young man she falls in love with, will do everything possible to protect Cacao from his enemies.

Running time
139 x 50' (1 season)
Drama, Romance

Production Data