Some may say that we all have a doppelganger somewhere out there. What if all of a sudden, our fate crossed paths with that person’s fate and, owing to tragic circumstances, we were forced to “switch” lives?

Two physically identical women, they've never seen each other, they have no blood relation, and have never coincided before. They're two doubles who live completely different lives... but an unexpected meeting will change their lives forever.

Luxury, love, hate, identity swap, beauty, glamour, pop, race cars, street racing, private parties, corruption, determined hardworking people, dishonest conniving people and the scum of society are the background for the story of two women whose lives will never be the same once their destinies cross.

Running time
228 x 50' (1 season)

Production Data

Director: Antonio Borges Correia
Actors: Alexandra Lencastre, Rita Pereira, Sofia Alves