Eva is a teenage therapist that joins Unamuno High School. Once there,her peculiar personality and her unorthodox procedures will clash with the students she deals with inside her characteristic practice. It will be inside that glass office, which she calls ¨The fishbowl¨, where all the feelings and emotions will meet. Little by little, the kids who where at first reluctant to open themselves, will slowly break down, letting their fears and hopes come out. Just like trapeze artists in a world that refuses to understand them, they will dare leaping with Eva into the void, without a net. Will they manage to fall on feet?. Million of viewers have followed that fligh tholding their breaths.

Running time
260 x 30' (4 seasons)

Production Data

Director: Jorge Alonso
Actors: Alfonso Bassave, María Hervás, Aura Garrido, Nacho Aldeguer, Joel Bosqued, Alexandra Jiménez
Awards: Magazine Award to best Spanish Drama