There are few places left to discover up to date and a few adventures yet to be done. Climbing Mount Everest in winter, with no supplemental oxygen and a light expedition is like a space trip. During the winter season, it has only been climbed once in history, it was a Polish expedition in 1980 but they used supplementary oxygen to achieve it. Since then, no one has ever trodded the world's highest mountain in winter and no one has ever achieved it without artificial oxygen.

Alex and his team will attempt for the second time to conquest the summit. They won't give up, because there is one thing that every climber knows: failure is not being unable to reach the summit, the real failure is not trying. Before starting the Everest expedition, they climb Mount Pumori, an ideal preparation before the real challenge. They have the necessary drive, experience, strength, joy (never to be discouraged) and a point of madness, a much-needed quality common to all adventurist. Will they make it?

Running time
1 x 52'
Sport, Travel & Adventure

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