Fresh Pasta is an intergenerational storyline that refflects the different experiences of the age brackets represented, their conflicts and varying ways of seeing the world. In a family out of the ordinary but whose problems are just like yours and mine there will be many adventures, discoveries, improbable ties and joys... a challenging daily life wich all families, on and of screen, will want to follow.

An act of bravery can change fate. And María´s fate changes when she literally crosses paths with the Elias brothers. Maria finds a family, a mission and love. Someone who saves a life saves the whole world and therefore nothing will ever be the same again.

Running time
103 x 45'
Comedy, Drama

Production Data

Director: Hugo de Sousa, Sara Rodi
Actors: Mafalda Marafusta, Duarte Gomes, Dina Félix da Costa