In the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, deep inside the jungle, there is an uncontacted tribe who has resisted every conquest. There is not a single white man that has ever survived contact with them. But this anthropological miracle called the Taromenane is on the edge of extermination.

“Genocide in the Jungle” is an adventure that will take David deep into one of the most remote parts of the Amazon, to meet with all the players in this unreported conflict: oil companies, illegal loggers, settlers. He even manages to come face to face with the actual murderers of the Taromane. A dangerous trip that will take him to the the core of the uncontacted territory, meet one of the Taromane girls, and get much closer to this tribe of warriors than he would ever desire. 


Running time
1 x 45'
Current Affairs, Tribes

Production Data

Director: David Beriain