Serving time for rape and murder, Haro, a refined and Machiavellian aristocrat is threatened to death by an mysterious serial kidnapper who lurks against Madrid´s elite businessmen and aristocrats. He tortures them to death in a twisted game to mock their ‘spoiled brat’ condition. Taking advantage of this situation, Haro offers the police his help in exchange for a sentence reduction and Lucía, the infamous judge who incarcerated him 10 years back, oversees the investigation. She suspects that the case falls under Haro’s schemes, but the authorities have no other thread to pull on. Haro then comes out with a shocking proposition: he offers himself as the murderer's prey following his release from prison to get him trapped in a police intervention. Their urge to solve the case will make the police agree to this risky maneuver, under Lucía’s refusal. Little do they know he is plotting a vendetta against the judge who imprisoned him.

Running time
8 x 45' (1 season)

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