Hispania narrates the extraordinary travel of a shepherd who decides to become a warrior for destroying those who ruined his life. Is the story of a group of young brave men, decided to give everything for their village.

 Because Viriato won´t be alone in his fight: Sandro, Darío, Paulo, Héctor… Together they are a part of a small but resistant group of rebels willing to give their life for achieving their aim: to release Hispania from the Roman siege. They are not warriors, but they will become if necessary.

 Together they should learn to survive in the middle of the forest, to go ahead with a huge empire, to gain contributors and assume the losses.

A story of fight, revenge, adventures, but also…a love story. Our heroes are passionate able to risk everything for saving the woman they love, taking a revenge for the loss of a son, recover the land they grow up in…

Running time
20 x 72' (1 season)

Production Data