“I Love it” is the story of Beatriz, an irreverent girl in love with her music who keeps alive the dream of becoming famous. She lives far from her family and shares her house with Leila, a young girl who recently moved to Portugal to study Fashion Design. All of a sudden, she finds her house invaded by Rodolfo, a young man from the Azores; Arrison, a hot-blooded Brazilian; and Cristina, a young and shy girl from the Trás-os-Montes area in the north of Portugal. Beatriz’s house turns into a hostel for students from different origins, nationalities and personalities, all of them with their own hopes and dreams.

Friendship, falling in and out of love, frustrations and successes will be the main components in these housemates' daily lives.

Running time
215 x 50'
Youth Comedy

Production Data

Director: Jorge Cardoso
Actors: Mia Rose, Simone Santos, Frederico Amaral, Sara Barros Leitão, João Bonneville, Diogo Lagoa, Francisco Garcia, Marta Andrino, Miriam Santos, Diana Nicolau, Hugo Costa Ramos, Beatriz Coelho, Carla Andrino, Fernando Rodrigues, Olívia Ortiz, Patrícia Godinho, Anna Leppänen, David Henriques, Fernanda Lapa, Pedro Górgia, Patrícia Tavares, Pedro Lacerda, Simão Santos, Gustavo Alves, Matilde Miguel, Pedro Caeiro, Catarina Rebelo, Francisco Gomes, João Arrais, André Patrício