Years after collaborating with the Criminal Investigation Department (DIC) of the Criminal Police, old Inspector Max has retired, already after fathering a litter of puppies of which the Mendes family adopted an element - the one most similar to his father - which they named Max Junior.

The family itself has changed a lot in ten years, as Jorge Mendes, the inspector who owns the original Max, got married to Joanna, a young and brilliant lawyer, with whom he had a son, Manuel, who´s already 8 years old.

Jorge and Joanna have an affectionate, accomplice and caring relationship, even making fun of the age difference between them. On the other, each of their jobs sometimes place them on opposites sides, since, as a lawyer, Joana ends up representing some clients accused by the department headed by Jorge. He is currently Ingestigation Coordinator, head of operations of the Criminal Investigation Department, a position that keeps him mostly occupied behind a desk, but which he tries to overcome, by going to the field whenever he can. 

Running time
36 x 50'
Comedy, Crime, Drama

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