‘Join the Beat’ is a musical revolution.Creates online songs with the collaboration of
people that do not know each other.

First of all, Carlos Jean creates the base and uploads it on the programme’s web.Internet users download the bases and send their tracks through the net. Out of all submitted tracks, Carlos chooses those he considers the best.

During the first 13 episodes the 13 finalist songs are chosen. There are two galas: in the first one 5 songs are chosen from the 13 that reached the final: these are the ones eligible to win the grand final. In the grand final gala, the winning song is chosen. The authors of the 13 finalist songs will go on tour. A docushow of the tour will be made to be broadcasted by “La Sexta 3”.

On the internet, ‘Join the Beat’ is already a phenomenon with hundreds of videos and more than 3 million views.

Running time
7 x 45' (1 season)
Music show

Production Data