Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th women begin to travel on their own. Pioneers of the new world, they blend courage, curiosity and the thirst for freedom with skillful inquiry into the human soul. These women undertake adventurous journeys to the ends of the earth, recording, photographing and drawing every new discovery along the way.

Lady Travellers is the series that traces these extraordinary adventures through the written diaries of the female protagonists, brought to life in the first person thanks to female voice-over and an extraordinary and evocative visual style. The narration takes shape thanks to a graphic reconstruction inspired by shadow play, which revisits the places and events through black silhouettes of real actors filmed in studio and edited into the frame against vivid backgrounds.

Each episode is dedicated to the adventures of a single explorer, mixing travel diaries, graphic reconstruction, archive material - photos taken by the female travellers, drawings, notes - present-day on-location filming and interviews with experts to trace the historical context of the journeys and undertakings, creating a visual pastiche unique to the genre.


Running time
12 x 24' (2 seasons)
Travel & Adventure

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