MARCO lives with his humble family in a small mountain village. His mo- ther, the only source of income of the family, has no other chance but to leave the village to work so that she can maintain Marco and his brother Lucas. Both children’s lives change drastically when, suddenly, they stop having news from her. Be- ing just twelve, Marco decides to start a long trip with a clear objecti- ve: find his mom.
MARCO is the story of a child who is looking for his mother but, above all, it is the story of a great adventure. Marco and his brother Lucas will tra- vel all over villages and cities, cross the sea and live many setbacks... But nothing will stop him, not even fear, as both brothers have a strong weapon against it: their imagination. It is loosely based on a small part of the novel Heart (Cuore) by Edmon- do De Amicis, i.e. the monthly tale From the Apennines to the Andes.

Running time
3 x 75' (1 season)

Production Data