Payback" tells the story of Jorge Monforte (Diogo Morgado), a Brazilian who owns the Ouro Verde empire, one of the world leaders in the agricultural sector. He just acquired a big part of the family business run by a powerful Portuguese banker Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca (Luís Esparteiro), giving him the right to be part of the management board. The whole plot turns when the viewer discovers that Jorge Monfonte is the new identity of Zé Maria Magalhães, who was declared dead 15 years ago.

Zé Maria meet Bia, Miguel´s daughter and there is love at first sight, but Zé Maria has other things to worry about, since his memory returns and he joins the pieces, realizing that Miguel ordered the heinous crime that killed his entire family. How will be deal with the fact that she is the daughter of the man he´s about to take down?


Running time
S1: 110x50’ / S2: 131x50’

Production Data

Director: Hugo de Sousa
Actors: Diogo Morgado, Joana de Verona
Awards: International Emmy Award - Best Telenovela 2018