Jorge Monforte owns the Ouro Verde empire (Brazil), one of the world leaders in the agricultural sector. 

No one is any the wiser that Jorge Monforte is Zé Maria Magalhães’s new alias, who had been taken for dead 15 years before, and who is now back to avenge his family’s death. His father, João Magalhães, was the financial director at BBFF when a story broke out implicating the bank in a complicated fraud and embezzlement scandal. João was the scape go at and was charged with the crime. In order to protect himself, João threatens Miguel that he will blow the whistle on the bank’s dirty scams if they do not get him out of the situation and Miguel quickly realizes that João is a ticking time-bomb. He hires a killer to go over to the house and simulate suicide. Unfortunately, the family winds up dead, except for Zé Maria, who miraculously survives.

Zé Maria wakes up from his coma six months later. Yet he is confused as to what really happened that fateful evening. Once Zé Maria decides to resume his life, he seeks out Miguel to help him land a job. On that same day, he bumps into Bia Ferreira da Fonseca, but doesn’t know that she is Miguel’s daughter. There is love at first sight, but Zé Maria has other things to worry about, since his memory returns and he joins the pieces, realising that Miguel ordered the heinous crime that killed his entire family.

Running time
110 x 50'

Production Data

Available territories: Worldwide
Broadcasted also in: Portugal