These are the stories of great courageous women. Mothers who will do anything for their children. The poor women, who eventually succeed in life. The triumph of values, such as dedication and sacrifice. The strength of the matriarchal power. Seduction is a portrait of the dimension of a woman's life: from her work to her family, from her passions to her sorrows.

Amidst these conflicts and emotional drama, Seduction also lives off the stories and intrigue from the daily life of a television production company. In the backstage of Video5 we'll meet, among other characters, the plight of a famous talk show host, José Carlos Faria, who is fighting for his career in decline, resorting to very questionable methods.

Running time
181 x 50' (1 season)

Production Data

Director: Hugo de Sousa
Actors: Fernando Serrano, Pedro Granger, Nuno Homem de Sá