While the people are celebrating the towns feast, a violent storm erupts. Scared, the villagers take refuge at home and in the church and try to keep their belongings safe, locking everything and fearing a catastrophe. Tiago Marques Flor is the only one who faces the storm. In the middle of the forest he is struck by someone who falls on a parachute, having lost control of it, and is knocked out. The next day, the villagers go outside and no one is quite prepared to see a beautiful and mysterious girl unconscious in Tiago's arms... Tiago has been alone in the world since he was 16 years old, he's a withdrawn man, almost wild, he doesn't trust anybody... The new girl in town falls quickly in love with Tiago, but she has ferocious competitors... what will become of the village and its people?

Running time
260 x 50' (1 season)

Production Data

Director: Sasha Celeste
Actors: Mariana Monteiro, Diogo Amaral, Pedro Barroso, Sofia Ribeiro, Marco Delgado