The Department of Time is a secret government institution with a primary mission: to prevent anyone from altering the past. Created over 500 years ago, the existence of this department has been carefully hidden by subsequent kings and governments and therefore very few people know of its existence.

Officers at the Department of Time are trusted with the crucial mission of guarding the "gates of time" in order to prevent intruders from travelling through them with the purpose of changing the course of history in their own benefit.

Julian, a medical assistant of our time; Amelia, the first woman to enroll at a university in 1880’s Barcelona; and Alonso, a brave soldier from the 16th century Spanish Army of Flanders, form a very special task force.

In their mission to ensure the history of Spain remains unaltered, they will fight against criminal organizations seeking to manipulate history, they will have to assimilate (sometimes hilariously) the great advances of our time, and they shall confront their own personal history, along with the drama of not being able to change it.

Running time
S1: 13 / S2: 8 / S3: 13 / S4: 8 /

Production Data

Awards: Panda Award as best Director in a TV series
Ondas Award as best Spanish TV series 2015
Best drama in the International Television Festival New York Film 2016
Ondas Award as best Spanish TV series 2016